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DOSS - Digital One Stop Solutions
SONY DSC-QX30 Cyber-shot Lens-style Camera
Harga Rp. 4,999,000
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  • Catch every part of the action in stunning clarity with 30x optical zoom from the Sony G Lens
  • Experience all the quality of a high-end camera with its 20.4MP Exmor™ R CMOS sensor
  • Track fast-moving subjects accurately with lock-on AF, so no detail can escape your frame
  • Shoot smoother, zero camera shake movies with ease with Optical Steadyshot
  • Capture sensationally beautiful images on the move in amazingly clear Full HD movies
  • See every detail with the BIONZ X image processor that reproduces textures and details faithfully in real time



Capture Super Close-ups Of Subjects From Afar*

Capture Super Close-ups Of Subjects From Afar

Enjoy the flexibility to capture everything from broad landscapes to faraway subjects. With the 30x optical zoom power of the DSC-QX30, you can smoothly zoom from wide 24mm* to telephoto 720mm* and get clear, blur-free images thanks to Optical SteadyShot.

* 35mm equivalent (aspect ratio 4:3)


Stunning Images Even In Low Light

Exmor R CMOS Sensor

The DSC-QX30 lens-style camera features a BIONZ X image processor for capturing 20.4 megapixel (approx.) high-precision images against beautifully defocused backgrounds, bright nightscapes and more - all through your smartphone.

Stunning Images Even In Low Light


Track Moving Subjects
With Precision And Clarity

Track Moving Subjects With Precision And Clarity

Keep moving subjects in sharp focus with Lock-on AF. It tracks and recaptures fast-moving subjects in sharp detail when they re-enter the frame, while employing a large autofocus area to ensure the optimal AF point at all times.


Capture Beautifully Sharp Images Every Time

Optical Steadyshot

The DSC-QX30 is equipped with Optical SteadyShot, Sony's powerful image stabilisation. Able to detect and compensate for even the slightest hand movement, this feature helps to reduce - or eliminate altogether - the blur that often occurs when zooming to give you a beautifully crisp photo.

Capture Beautifully Sharp Images Every Time


Make Memorable Movies In Full HD Quality

Full HD 1080

Create your movies with amazing clarity in Full HD resolution. Coupled with Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode) and BIONZ X, you are more assured of capturing smooth, blur-free action scenes.

Without Optical Steadyshot
Without Optical Steadyshot
With Optical Steadyshot
With Optical Steadyshot


Remarkably Realistic Detail In Every Shot

Bionz X
Remarkably Realistic Detail In Every Shot

Sony's BIONZ X image processor faithfully reproduces natural textures and detail, via extra high-speed processing capabilities. The result is more realistic images, richer tonal gradations and lower noise whether you shoot still images or movies.

Finer details thanks to detail reproduction technology and diffraction-reducing technology

Power Zoom For Smartphones

The camera's combination of 30x optical zoom, Optical SteadyShot and Lock-on AF makes it easy to capture beautifully sharp images. With a smartphone/tablet camera, you can now capture moving or faraway subjects with clarity and ease.

Lock-On AF And Continuous Shooting

The DSC-QX30 features Lock-on AF, which tracks and recaptures fast-moving subjects in sharp detail when they re-enter the frame. The camera also allows high-speed continuous shooting of up to 10 fps and large images of 20 megapixels.

Useful Multi Camera Control

Now you can command up to five cameras at the same time with the optional Live-View Remote accessory, which enables shooting angle checking and remote operation. This simultaneous centralised control lets you expand the scope of your photo shooting.

Shoot Freely With Flexible Camera Angles

Take great pictures of your subject from different angles and points of view. The DSC-QX30 widens your range of creative expression, allowing you to shoot in confined spaces where it's hard to see through a viewfinder.

Share Images Right Away

With the DSC-QX30, you can share images with everyone using the same features you always use in your smartphone - whether it's email, sharing on your favourite social sites or posting on your personal blog.

Accessorise Your Cameras

Make your photo adventures more enjoyable with an array of accessories - from tripods, microphones, flashes, cases, straps and more.

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